The Past Inside the Present

Welcome to, the homepage of Claire Pia Love. I am currently a doctoral candidate in history in The Department of History & Art History at George Mason University. I am 20th century cultural Americanist. My research broadly focuses on using works of science fiction and speculation as cultural texts to help understand history from 1945-1984. My dissertation specifically focues on space colonies and civil defense as forms of disaster preparedness in the 1970s. Often viewed through the methodological lens of a cultural historian, my other interests include popular and material culture, memory studies, and identity formation.

I invite you to visit my blog, where I write about various topics as time allows. My most recent posts focus on my interest in science fiction. I also invite you to visit my page Civil Defense Cinema. The page presents a detailed analysis of three civil defense films, examining why they are more than just quirky reminders of a terrifying time in America's history. I created the page as part of a project for George Mason's History and New Media course.

Please look around and feel free to ask me any questions. You can also follow me on Twitter (@_lovehistory) or visit my LinkedIn profile.